‘Firestarter’ remake from Blumhouse casts Zac Efron in lead role. Oh! Okay?

firestarter remake zac efron

I completely forgot that there was a Firestarter remake coming. Unless, I never knew? Not sure. But I do now, courtesy of this news. None other than Zac Efron has been cast in the lead role, ostensibly as Charlie McGee’s father. I don’t really have an opinion on this. Objectively, I like Efron. Is he the right dude for the role? Suppose we’ll found out.

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‘Baywatch’ Trailer: We Were In Lifeguard Pursuit!

Zac Efron joining Dwayne Johnson for ‘Baywatch’ movie, which will be Rated R comedy.

Zac Efron.

Listen. I know this probably makes me a sucker. I know! But I’m totally interested in some Hard-R, weird, meta-riff on Baywatch starring Zac Efron and The Rock. I just am! At the very least, it’s going to be an absurd slab of beefcake on the screen for SAM-OMEGA (and me) to enjoy. She’ll (we’ll) be there for that.

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‘EPISODE 7’ News: Gary Oldman and Zac Efron admit they’ve had meetings

Gary Oldman.

Real deal Holyfield: I think I may have a crush on Zac Efron. Such hot. So tan. Double real deal Holyfield: I definitely have a crush on James Gordon. These two studs have apparently had meetings pertaining to All Your Midi-chlorians Belong to Disney: Episode 7, and I’m thinking that’s pretty rad.

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Ryan Gosling.

I feel like I have to apologize every time I write about an Episode VII rumor. Listen. As the teenager hip people say: sorry I’m not sorry.

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Zac Efron To Star In Live-Action Akira? The Mind Boggles.

Well here is something that I never would have predicted. Zac Efron is reportedly in talks to star in a live-action rendition of motherfuckin’ Akira. Say what?


Another rumor which is making the tracking board rounds today is that Zac Efron has apparently been offered the lead role in Albert Hughes’ upcoming live-action adaptation of the popular anime/Katsuhiro Otomo‘s six-volume manga Akira. I’m not able to confirm the offer, but one source tells me Efron is in talks, while another says that it is “far from a done deal.”

Far from done? Phew. Naw, I don’t know. I never actually expected this movie to get done, so the fact that there’s any sort of talks is impressive unto itself. Efron does come off as a super effeminate, anime-esque character with them big eyes and that gorgeous body and his charming smile and…and…Wait, what was I talking about?

There’s a tasty rumor morsel for you good folks today. Thoughts?