Xbox Game Pass is built into Windows 11. Microsoft fucking going for it!

xbox game pass built into windows 11

Even though I rarely use it, Xbox Game Pass fucking blows my mind. Just the sheer volume of titles to play, across the sheer volume of devices. Now them fuckers at Microsoft are making it even easier to use the service. This shit is gonna be baked directly into Windows 11.

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Microsoft is bringing Xbox Game Pass to the PC. The great uncoupling continues, as streaming pushes forward!

xbox game pass pc

Yes friends, Microsoft is bringing Xbox Game Pass to the PC. The Netflix-esque service will offer PC gamers a library of 100 games for a monthly fee. True, it’s not exactly streaming. But, it portends the future, which seems to suggest even companies like Microsoft and Sony will move away from the physical, and into the cloud. Consoles as brands, not as physical hardware. Or some shit.

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Xbox’s Game Pass will offer 100 titles starting on June 1st

xbox game pass june 1 100 games

Xbox’s attempt at building an internal gaming-Netflix is being rolled out on the first of June. Or! Right now, if you have Xbox Live Gold. The company has also now revealed, right off the motherfucking jump, that it will be offering 100 games.

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Microsoft Reveals Xbox Game Pass, A Netflix-Style Gaming Subscription

microsoft xbox game pass

This is pretty goddamn awesome. Microsoft has revealed Xbox Game Pass, a gaming subscription services. $9.99 a month, over 100 games, any game you purchase will be discounted 20% off.

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