Weekend Open Bar: We’re Birds of War

weekend open bar were birds of war

Hey! Jesus Fuck, did we make it? To the weekend? By god, we did! And, if you’re lucky enough to have it the weekend off like me, it’s time to fucking celebrate. Let’s celebrate together, right here! At the Weekend Open Bar! It’s the weekly way station here on the Space-Station Omega! Where we all gather, sharing what we’re up to on a given weekend!

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Streaming! Tonight! Some Sonic Mania, some depravity, hopefully some of ya’ll

streaming tonight

Tonight! Join us!

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Streaming Tonight! Come Be Trash! [Friday, Jan 26]

‘Silicon Valley’ Season 5 Trailer: Returning March 25

I’m behind on Silicon Valley to the tune of one season, so I don’t really have much to offer in the way of comment. That said, here, enjoy it!

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New ‘Daredevil’ Teaser: Business by day, ass whuppin’ by night.


Shit, Daredevil. I can barely live a life of teaching and poor blogging. Don’t know how you’re going to keep the grind up. But hey, I’m excited to watch you try.

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Weekend Open Bar: Summon The Devil Electric!!!


OH FUCK SHIT. The bar is open! It’s late! Supposed to open last night, but here we are. A day late. Namely because I spent last night eating too much, consuming too many mind-altering substances, and then woke up around noon today. But here we are! Let’s shoot the shit about what we’re doing this Weekend. To enjoy our Lives. It’s BLUE SKIES and ABOVE FREEZING TEMPERATURES in my neck of the woods. So we’re already off to a good start. Pull up a chair. Tell me a tale.

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E3 2014: ‘RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER’ Announcement Trailer

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Raiding tombs fucks you up, yo. Or maybe it’s the thousands of bullets and arrows you use to perforate all the baddies that inevitably inhabit said tombs. Either way.

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‘HOTLINE MIAMI 2: WRONG NUMBER’ is dropping Q3 2014

Hotline Miami 2

Steel yourself, ya ding dongs. Steel yourself for the sequel to one of the most unforgiving, engrossing, masochistic little gems to be knifed into the side of gamers in years.

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Watch: 90 YEAR-OLD WOMAN tries OCULUS RIFT VR, is understandably rocked.

Strapped to the dome.

In this video, a 90 year-old woman tries out the Oculus Rift VR headset. The lass is blown away by the immersive snippet of the future. The video is particularly fantastic when considering the paradigm shift this woman has lived through in her ninety years on the Blue Marble. Such chicanery strapped to her head would have been preposterous to contemplate even halfway into her life, and now this. Technology can be good.

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New ‘MOOD INDIGO’ TRAILER: Sartre in a giant f**king pipe.

Fuck yea.

I don’t expect many people to get excited for the new Gondry jam, Mood Indigo. For all the reasons that I love the trailer, it is sure to put people off. Odd as fuck, (in French), needlessly surreal. It is just what the doctor ordered for me. A mainline of imagination to the dome-piece.

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