Bill Paxton Passes Away At 61 After Surgery Complications

Cliff Bleszinski continues TEASING NEW IP.

Cliffy's something.

Just what the fuck is Dude Huge making here? Cliffy B has continued teasing a new IP, and frankly judging from the images dropped I have nary a clue as to the genre of the title.

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Search Engine Terms: ALISON BRIE x THOR’S HAIR


[Search Engine Terms. Most of ours are ultra depraved and absurd. And amusing to sick people like me.]

Man, these are sort of fun to pay attention to. Welcome! Welcome searchers. Anyone searching for Alison Brie deserves a high-five. I don’t know what the “X” is for. Perhaps Alison Brie X-Treme? And then! Then there is the lovely person searching for Thor’s Hair. My friend, be you of any gender, race, ethnicity, cosmic origin, know this: you are welcome here.

Hit the jump for some of Thor’s hair. And Alison Brie. Ya’ll welcome.

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Duncan Jones directing ‘WORLD OF WARCAFT’, I don’t even know.

Duncan fucking Jones, ya'll.

Eddie and myself were chatting about Duncan Jones a couple of days ago, neither of us certain what he was up to. Whelp, now we know. Instead of doing that awesome-sounding cyberpunk flick Mute, he is wasting his time with a Warcraft movie. Alas. If he can use this flick as leverage for pulling off his own project, I will be stoked. And maybe when it bombs, it won’t really hurt his career.

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MUSTACHE TRANSPLANTS are a thing, and becoming more popular. Ridiculous ++

Everybody want the mustaches. Movember may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow a stache. Or try to grow one. And if you can’t? Get that bad boy grafted onto your upper lip. Don’t make any excuses, bro.

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HARRISON FORD may be open to returning for ‘EPISODE VII.’ I am in an alternate universe.

The past week has seen me typing headlines I never, ever thought I would type. The latest has Harry Ford open to returning to Star Wars. Just chew on that. Spit it up. Lick it off the back of your palm. Chew it again. Then drop your thoughts in the comments box.

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LARRY FLYNT offering $1 MILLI bounty for Romney tax info.

Info warriors! To arms. Larry Flynt is willing to give you a pretty penny if you can scavenge out Mitty Romney’s tax information.

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New ‘DOUBLE DRAGON’ game announced. It looks f**king stupid.

If you’re going to reboot a franchise from my childhood, do it correctly. I beg you. Better yet, just don’t do it. Especially if you can’t nail the art design, or essence. Double Dragon: Neon  is some shiny abomination that is taking the name of one of my favorites from my pre-pubes days.

Hit the jump to bask in the horror.

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Watchmen’s Alan Moore and Mike Patton Form Supergroup. Fucking Unreal.

Mike Patton + Alan Moore + Demons = Yes.

This shit is so fucking amazing, it can only be the result of some sort of karmic justice paid forward to me. Welcome to 2010, where Absurd Rules the Domain Of All.

the guardian via robot 6:

However, the project has finally been confirmed. Patton and Broadrick are both attached to Unearthing, “a bewitching story written and narrated by Moore set against an epic score”. Although the soundtrack is led by Crook&Flail, a partnership between Fog’s Andrew Broder and rapper Doseone, there are a slew of cameos, including Hella’s Zach Hill and Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite. “It is about, uh, a co-worker of Alan’s and somehow seemingly about Alan himself,” Doseone told Pitchfork last year. “And it’s about the comic industry, the world of magic, the world we live in, the world we don’t live in.”

How do you fit this much fucking insanity and awesome onto one album? I have no idea. I can’t even wrap my head around this. It may be the worst shit ever, and I’m still there Day One.