Michael Peña returning for ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’

Michael Pena

One of the best parts of the surprisingly dope post-Edgar Wright Ant-Man was Michael Peña’s performance as Scott Lang’s friend, Luis. Due to this, it seemed like a no-brainer that the actor would reprise his role. Still though, nice to have some confirmation. Nice, indeed!

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EVANGELINE LILLY up for ‘ANT-MAN’ female lead. Hell yeah.

Evangeline Lilly.

Despite being in the middle of a miserable, underdeveloped, brutally shoehorned love triangle, I enjoyed Evangeline Lilly in that disastrous riot of suck that was the second Hobbit movie. Whew! Holy run-on sentence! So with that in mind, you say she’s up for the female lead in Ant-Man? I say fuck yeah! And it could be Wasp? Double fuck yeah.

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Joss Whedon Would Like More Females In ‘AVENGERS 2’, Moi Aussi!

One of Joss Whedon’s calling cards is his ability to write some powerful ladies. However no matter the success of Avengers, its lovely husk was filled with only one female lead. This is an occurrence our Lord Whedon would want to address in the sequel.

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