Wacom dropping free digital anthology feat: Doyle, Farinas, Milonogiannis, and more

Goddamn gorgeous.

Pretty fucking killer. That artistic tablet company place, Wacom, is dropping a free digital anthology. Usually I’m all like “Free?!” and then I don’t get excited because I only feel validated when I spend my hard earned Imperial credits. But fuck. Wacom has stacked the deck with some filthy talent on this giveaway.

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An Odyssey of an Interview: ULISES FARINAS!


Some claim that a mark of great art is that it conveys the creator’s enthusiasm.

If this is the case, then there’s no doubt that Ulises Farinas is one of comics’ greatest rising stars. Never heard of him? Oh, I hadn’t either, that is until I read his mindblowing GAMMA. In addition to its incredible art, compelling story, and ability to mash-up varied staples of nerdlore into one booty-shakin’ remix, GAMMA kills the reader with its passion. After reading this one-shot, I knew that I’d just discovered an artist who is truly excited to wake up and create!

And in a world inundated with paint-by-numbers, just-get-the-job-done entertainment, coming across something with a bit of zest and gusto is always refreshing.

In fact I was so won over by GAMMA that I immediately began scouring for more Ulises Farinas art. But my nerd-appetite wasn’t sated, and I hungered for more. As such, I thought I’d go directly to the gamma-powered source and ask for an interview. To the delight of all passengers aboard Spaceship OL, my questions were answered!

Hit the hyperspace jump and check out an interview with Ulises Farinas, an artist who bows to no one and bumps Rick Ross!

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Hey, folks!  Johnny here, back again for another week of slingin’ philosophical about my favorite pastime!  Looking at this week’s releases, I was amazed at just how much great non-superhero fare there is to be read currently.  Not in a long time have I felt that the variety of books is SO great and SO varied, that it is the perfect time to introduce comics to friends and loved ones who might like comics, but maybe just don’t dig capes.  Here’s what I’d like to grab this week, and hit us up in the comments and tell us what you’re looking out for!

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Ulises Farinas holds down Tatooine.

No, this is not new. But yes, my obsession with Ulises Farinas is new. Ever since our own J-Hawtsauce dropped the brilliant son of a bitch on my mind last week, I’ve been scouring Internet for more of his wonder.

Then I came across this.

The glory, the glory.

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OMEGA-CAST #3 – Squatchin, SDCC, and Pancakes.

Now that Patrick Bateman and Rendar Frankenstein have returned from squatchin’ in the Great White North, the Three Omega Idiots decide to tackle the San Diego Comic Convention Thing. Plus! Taking gnarly dumps, maybe two functioning microphones, how much better Thor is than The Flash, and cheap plugs of shitty t-shirts.

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Batman Goes Full On Mech-Armor, Robo-Pimp Hand Is Strong.

Ulises Farinas imagines a world where Batman is the last line of defense. Yeah, we get that a lot. However Farinas imagines a world where the Goddamn Batman has to clamber up into some fucking mech-armor to lay a robotic stink down in an attempt to save the world.

It’s fantastic.

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