Wacom dropping free digital anthology feat: Doyle, Farinas, Milonogiannis, and more

Goddamn gorgeous.

Pretty fucking killer. That artistic tablet company place, Wacom, is dropping a free digital anthology. Usually I’m all like “Free?!” and then I don’t get excited because I only feel validated when I spend my hard earned Imperial credits. But fuck. Wacom has stacked the deck with some filthy talent on this giveaway.

Comics Alliance:

Those of you who keep track of the ComicsAlliance staff for shipping purposes may have been wondering what former editor Caleb Goellner has been up to since he left the site earlier this year. As it happens, he’s been over at Wacom, and while working on tablets used for digital art is still pretty close to comics — indeed, many comics artists use the technology to create their comics — the company is nudging even closer with the announcement of the first-ever Wacom comics anthology.

Built around the theme of “Pressure/Sensitivity” (geddit?), the anthology will feature the talents of cover artist and ComicsAlliance favorite Ulises Farinas with stories by the equally esteemed Meredith GranMing DoyleGiannis Milanogiannis and more. Even better, the 32-page anthology will be free to download when it’s released in January.

It’s worth noting that Wacom’s announcement specifies that the stories in the anthology will be creator-owned. Of course, it’s not surprising, either — until now, Wacom has never been in the business of publishing comics and doesn’t really need to develop their own franchises. Still, it’s good to see them putting that information right up front. There will also be a limited print version of the anthology available from Wacom at conventions.

In addition to the contributors listed above, there’s also a fourth story from a creator who has yet to be announced. Presumably, that announcement will be made closer to the release date, with Wacom promising interviews and details on the process going up every Thursday.

Seriously though, stoked. How about you?