Weekend Open Bar: Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat

You’re alive, yo. Day after day you’re telling Death “No” and sauntering on in the Oblivion that is a Godless, Apathetic Existence. There’s something to appreciate in that effort alone. You’re Conquering the Drive to give into Entropy. Someday you’ll stagger, fall, maybe even tap. Don’t take it personally, don’t take it as a slight against your character. Even the Universe is mortal. But for now, while we persist, let’s body slam existence together. Celebrate the Weekend with this Open Bar.

Herein this Madness we share what we’re up to these next forty-eight hours. What we’re eating. What we’re watching. Who we’re loving. Who we’re starting in our Fantasy Football league. Anything and everything as long as it’s keepin’ that shit positive.