Desktop Thursdays: It’s a lifestyle, baby


Oh shit! It’s an over-caffeinated view from my compartment in the Space-Ship. Been pounding Diet Dews and rewatching the Force Awakens trailer. Into infinity. But here is this shit. I forgot to do this post yesterday, seeing that I was drunk on turkey, but also drunk on drunk juice. Now, as I am the opposite of subdued, I shall post it in a mania. PER FUCKING USUAL, share the view from your own world i the comments.

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View From The Space-Ship: The House On The Hill


I am Caffeine-Powered-Guy. I’m a busy guy. A delirious guy. A guy with no underwear and too many smiles. Here’s a look at my world. You didn’t ask for it, and you shouldn’t accept my offer. But if you’re curious. Here it is. A direct camera feed from the porthole in my room on the Space-Ship into the outside realm. Feel free to share your own Existential Perspective in the comments.

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Monday Morning Commute: The FPS In The High Castle


Welcome to Monday Morning Commute, fellow swine! Oh shit, you didn’t mean to stop here? Then carry on! You’re not swine. You’re just useless! Ha! Ingest my Hate-Gravy! Ah fuck, rambling again. Anyways – yeah – MMC. The column where we share the various things we’re looking forward to/enjoying/masturbating at/dreading/thinking about during a given week. Simple? Right? First you glance at my insipid list, then you share your own tasty morsels.

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WARREN ELLIS got new comic ‘TREES’ coming from IMAGE. Jason Howard on art.


Fuggity fuck yes! Warren Ellis is getting back into the creator-owned comics game. Ellis along with Jason Howard is bringing Trees to Image, and you can probably feel the Force-ripples from my cascading dong thunder from wherever you are. While I’m pretty “meh” about his latest novel, and really “ehhhh” about Moon Knight, the author diving back into the world of his own sequential-art-creations is fantastigasm.

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