Animated ‘Transformers’ prequel movie coming from ‘Toy Story 4’ director. I can HEAVILY fuck with this, you know?

animated transformers prequel toy story 4 director

All you fucking assholes didn’t see Bumblebee. So, the prospect of a sequel to that very fun flick seems dead. But, this seems like a decent second place. A legitimate Transformers animated prequel movie is coming, and it’s from the Toy Story 4 director.

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‘Incredibles 2’ Release Moved Up To 2018; ‘Toy Story 4’ Delayed Until 2019


Pixar has swapped the release dates of two of its biggest sequels, Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4. Perhaps notably, this is the third delay for the fourth Toy Story installment.

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‘Toy Story 4’ is a thing. Arriving June 2017.

Toy Story 4.

I’m in a fucking bind here, guys. I know deep down in my heart that more Star Wars stories aren’t needed. But I want them. I need them. So when I want to say Toy Story 4 isn’t needed…I can’t. I realize the situation. I realize the Truth. I don’t have a fucking leg to stand on. I get it. So if you’re excited, enjoy this movie. Be merry. I can’t be a hypocrite.

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