‘Venom’ Trailer #2: At least the first trailer kept my hopes down

This trailer for Venom looks so, so fucking stupid.

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Tom Hardy says more ‘Mad Max’ movies coming. But talk is cheap bro!

tom hardy more mad max movies

Yesterday, I gnashed teeth about the possibility of a Dredd TV show. Today, I turn my withering fanboy fuck-face glare upon the Mad Max franchise. Tom Hardy says there will be more movies. But, like, various motherfuckers been saying that since 2015.

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‘Venom’ Trailer: Tom Hardy’s terrible accent is the least of this trailer’s problems

‘Venom’ Trailer: Well, I hope Sony is playing the long game with this movie

Hey! It’s the Venom trailer! Without Venom! The majority of people I’ve talked to about the Venom trailer are shrugging at best. I can get not wanting to give an enormous glimpse at the titular symbiote in the first trailer, but, man. This trailer a resounding yawn.

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Jenny Slate has been cast in the ‘Venom’ movie starring Tom Hardy

jenny slate tom hardy venom movie

Not much to say here, I mean, right? The Tom Hardy-starring Venom movie’s cast continues to come together, and, well. So far it’s pretty impressive.

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Michelle Williams has joined Tom Hardy in that ‘Venom’ movie that is still happening

michelle williams tom hardy venom movie

Snark aside, I’m pretty excited for the Venom flick. Terms like “Cronenberg” and “Body Horror” have been bandied about, and, fuck, Tom Hardy. With Michelle Williams joining the cast, my quietly simmering excitement continues to build.

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Tom Hardy starring in ‘Venom’ movie with ‘Zombieland’ director helming it

tom hardy venom zombieland director

I, I just don’t care Venom movie. I know that Tom Hardy is starring in it. Awesome. I know the director of Zombieland is directing it. Awesome. But, man. My apathy. How about you?

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‘Dunkirk’ Trailer: Survival Is Victory In Nolan’s World War II Movie

The first full trailer for Nolan’s Dunkirk is here, folks. And it’s everything you’d expect from a trailer for a Nolan flick. Gorgeous cinematography. Cillian Murphy. Rousing music. I’m ready.

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Christopher Nolan’s next movie is ‘Dunkirk’, set in World War II

Mr. Nolan has himself a new movie, and it is called Dunkirk. The flick is going to be set during World War II, with Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, and Mark Rylance in talks to star. Sure! Sounds good. Hoping for a rally after Interstellar Love Story About Fourth Dimensional Trite Aliens, personally.

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‘The Revenant’ International Trailer: I Ain’t Afraid To Die Anymore

My brain-stem and rot-guts are so ready for this movie.

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