Astronomers say they’ve found “dry lake beds” on Saturn’s moon Titan. Mystery solved, baby!

astronomers dry lake beds saturn titan

Astronomers have cracked a fucking code, folks. Mystery patches that have puzzled them for more than a decade on Saturn’s moon Titan have been revealed to be “dry lake beds” of hydrocarbon. Pretty fucking rad.

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Saturn’s moon Titan is drifting away quicker than expected. Bro, don’t go!

saturn moon titan drifting quicker

Saturn’s moon Titan is getting the fuck out of here, friends. We knew it was drifting away from Saturn, but scientists have found the fucker leaving 100 times faster than previously thought.

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NASA chooses Saturn’s moon Titan as its next destination. Gimme a cosmic hell yeah, comrades!

nasa saturn moon titan

Oh fuck yeah, fellas! NASA is going to Saturn’s moon Titan. It ain’t exactly a settlement on Mars, but, fuck it, I’ll take it.

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Saturn’s moon Titan has lakes that behave like Earth’s, which is as cool as it sounds

saturn titan lake cycle

Yo! So, I didn’t know it was rare for other bodies in the solar system to have hydrological cycles. Like, so fucking rare that apparently these lakes on Titan are the first ones we’ve found to have them, outside of Earth.

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Space Swoon: Saturn’s moon, Titan getting some composite love

Saturn's Moon, Titan.

Here’s a composite of Saturn’s moon, Titan, provided by NASA and its rock and roll Cassini mission.

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Woah: Blizzard cancels their next-gen MMO, ‘Titan’


Woah then. Count this as something I wasn’t expecting. We’ve known for years that Blizzard was developing a new MMO. We knew that it was a bit of a troubled development. But I don’t think any of us knew it was headed towards cancellation.

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NASA wants to send QUADCOPTER DRONE to Titan. Oh to dream.


Shout out to NASA. Even if they’re like, totally underfunded, and wrangling with all sorts of bureaucracy, at least they come up with some pretty fantastic ideas. I don’t know how practical they are, and I generally regard them as science-fiction, but I’m on board. Like. A quadcopter drone on Titan? Sold.

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Hello slime, I have missed you. Two days in the gorgeous, but insanely backwards state of Florida has given way to a return to the Space-Ship proper. I’m sitting in the Space Hub, paying $3000 space-cubits per minute to type up this bad boy before departure. Instead of trying to cover everything upon return, here’s a fucking rundown of all the dope stuff I’ve noted whilst away from my terminal.

Read all this dope shit, and then hit the comments with your own…commentary? Clearly the sun has done nothing to help my tattered remains of lucidity.

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WELL THEN. It was announced sometime in the recent past (searchable, I’m sure) that Blizzard’s next titanic MMO Titan was going to be seeing a significant restructuring. Now it sounds a lot like the company has no fucking idea what they’re doing with the title, or what the fuck it looks like. Eh, who cares! We got Pandas and shit! NoseriouslythroughBlizzard I want a new MMO from you. Pretty please.

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NEXT XBOX getting EXCLUSIVE from ‘CALL OF DUTY’ creators. Shots fired.


Let’s side-step what we think of Call of Duty, or the potential game from its creators. The fact that Microsoft may be sewing up the next game from these lads is pretty impressive. The Duty franchise is a veritable license to print money, and while there isn’t anything guaranteed about this new franchise I have to imagine it’ll be making crazy dollars. In a world where Sony and Microsoft are struggling to differentiate their console from the others, this could be a hell of a marketing point.

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