‘THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES’ Trailer: Documenting Burton’s Barf?

To Dream!

How the fuck did I miss (or forget?) that there was a documentary being made about Tim Burton’s failed Superman project? Too much to contain within the rotting mush between my ears. Anyhoo — the trailer for the documentary has arrived (from Krypton? LOLIHATEMYSELF), and it looks pretty fucking awesome.

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Butcher Billy goes full NOLAN x BURTON on the ‘BATMAN’ movies.

Froggy fresh.

It is safe to just crown Butcher Billy as the hotness in the community at the moment. What community? Shoot, every community? Hot off of inserting classic Marvel art into the company’s movies comes this newest effort. The Nolan and Burton mash-up we don’t deserve. The one we need.

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Dude Taste-Tests 22 YEAR-OLD BATMAN CEREAL. Hats Off, My Friend.

…So I’m not really certain of the gender of Food junk, though I do liberally apply the term “dude” to peoples of all genders, genitals, and combinations of both. What I am certain of is that Food Junk is a blog-person carved out of the same insanity as me. Taste-testing a 22 year-old  cereal? Tremendous.

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The Dude’s High 5s: Top 5 Movies I Hate Yet Everyone Else Loves

We all have movies that we hate yet everyone else we know seems to love.   Those movies that are brought up in conversation that we have to bite our tongue lest we incur the wrath of the public.   Well in today’s High 5 I’m taking a stand.   I encourage all of you to take a stand with me.   Yell from the rafters how much you hate a certain classic movie.   Or yell at me for hating these particular movies.

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[Caff Edit: Original video was taken down; replaced with new one]

Here, have another trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Yes, I’m still excited for it. No, I don’t blame you for not being the excite.

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First ‘DARK SHADOWS’ TRAILER: Burton And Depp Continue Mutual Masturbatory Nonsense

Oh hey! It’s the trailer for the *latest* Tim Burton/Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter movie. You know, Zany Whacky Time 10! Christ, they’re not even trying anymore.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Frankenweenie Gets An OFFICIAL TRAILER: Or, I Still Don’t Care About Burton/Depp.

There was a lot of hubbub about the release of a trailer for yet another Burton/Depp collaboration,  Frankenweenie. I didn’t cover it, because frankly I don’t give a fuck about Depp/Burton collaborations anymore. Then I thought, what if the denizens of OL do care? So here it is. In case you haven’t seen it yet. Yay! Burton! Depp! Quirky! Wee!

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See Tim Burton’s Disco Superman Suit In Motion. [Video.]

The Tim Burton Superman Disco Boogie Groove Suit fiasco continues to amaze. We’ve seen the pictures. Now do you want to see it in motion? Of course you do. Watch in horror as it crackles, pops, and shimmies its way to electro-vomitcore hell.

Hit the jump for the video.

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More Puke Worthy Designs From Tim Burton’s Failed Superman Movie. [Disco Puke Party Time!]

More pictures of the designs behind Tim Burton’s mercifully aborted Superman movie have leaked out. Sometimes you’re like “it’s a shame this project never got off the ground.” But in this case you’re like “Thank god someone took this behind the wood shed, shot it, buried the ashes, and swore to stab anyone who muttered about its existence.”

I will say this, the artwork is cool. I don’t think it fits the Superman mythos I’d like to see executed, but it’s nice. The outfit? Still barf-covered infected fetus.

Hit the jump for more asstacular designs.

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The Superman Costume From The Failed Tim Burton Movie; Prepare To Barf!

This is a moment of zen for myself. A moment of clarity that I really need to clench down on.   I need to recall that no matter how mediocre and blah Superman Returns was, Singer’s meh-core movie never, ever came near the stunning shitstorm that Tim Burton’s rendition of Clark Kent would have been. Like, seriously. Just consider these pictures of the emo kid abortion suit that he would have suited Superman up in.

Fuck Tim Burton. I hope we’re all approaching a moment when he can agree, unequivocally that he sucks. Maybe we’ll never agree on whether he’s always sucked. Some people think so, but I actually enjoyed a lot of his flicks. But after his last few movies, it’s obvious: the dude isn’t even trying anymore. Throw Johnny Depp acting like a complete zany douche, mix with a generic Elfman soundtrack, and a dash of his annoying partner Helena Bonham Carter, and you’ve got a zillion dollar movie and a Hot Topic line of clothing for all the misunderstood kids to enjoy.

Fuck Tim Burton. Hit the jump to see his Superman costume that can also go fuck itself.

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