China is sending a solar probe in 2022 to study the Sun. Crack Sol’s secrets, fellas!

china solar probe

China’s got itself a solar mission, motherfuckers! They’re sending a solar probe next year in order to study the Sun. Specifically, dudes are interested in such things like solar storms and shit. Hell yeah!

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ASTEROID in our solar system GOT A RING SYSTEM.


Goddamn solar system, man. Goddamn space. Always dropping nipple-tightening new nuggets of awesomeness on the general populace. I mean, a fucking asteroid in our solar system has got rings? Fucking radical.

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This look at SATURN by CASSINI is top-down space porn.


Fucking Cassini! Good guy Cassini! Floating through space and taking staggeringly beautiful pictures of Saturn. This latest mosaic is fucking phenomenal.

Deets and the full image after the jump.

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