Weekend Open Bar: Ba De Ya – Dancing In September

weekend open bar dancing in september

Oh, Oh, Oh! Dancing in September! Welcome to Weekend Open Bar! And it’s a uniquely special one, at least on the annual tip. It’s the first Weekend Open Bar of my favorite time of year. Mother. Fucking. Fall. Though not officially penetrating the calendar until later this month, this weekend begins a maelstrom of miscellany during the upcoming week which officially signals it for yours truly. So I’m lighting the autumn candles, slipping into a hoodie, and wanking it to rotting leaves, spectral forms populating our general psyche, gridiron collisions, and blockbuster games dropping.

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Monday Morning Commute: We Can Be Trash Together

we can be trash together

Come one, come all, to Monday Morning Commute. Yeah. Yeah! Fucking Yeah!, I’m late. Again. But, like, hey man. I don’t know, I got nothing. General tardiness. Spent yesterday trying to cobble together peer mentors for my Fall semester classes, while admittedly spending most of it playing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and watching Monday Night Raw. I’m Trash It’s okay. I’m Trash! It’s okay. I’m Trash!. It’s okay.

Come with me, friends. We can be Trash together.

Even though I’m tardy, even though I’m on vacation before the Fall Semester Gauntlet begins, I got a good amount of shit I’m up to this week. I got a good amount of shit I’m enjoying this week. I got a good amount of fucking shit I’m looking forward to this week.

I shall elaborate on all three of those categories after the beep, the robot vomits into the digi-textual microphone to check for efficacy, and the buzzer sounds.

Then I hope you shall elaborate on your own happenings in the comments section.

This is Monday Morning Commute.


*bzzt, vomit, vomit, one-two-one-two, bzzt*

*buzzer sounds*

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‘The Defenders’ Trailer: I’m Not Looking For Super Friends

This Defenders trailer has done the impossible. It’s actually made Danny Rand seem…entertaining? I’ll fucking take it.

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‘The Defenders’ Trailer: It Only Works If Both Sides Believe They’re The Good Guys

New Defenders trailer! I’m not going to watch it, because I’m on a crusade to keep projects I’m excited for fresh! That right, I said it, I’m excited for Defenders. Why not be, right? #Optimism. #Itwontlastprobably.

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‘The Defenders’ Trailer: Looks like Punisher will join the squad, and Stan Lee narrates

Fucking of course The Powers That Be are going to shoehorn the Punisher into The Defenders. What the fuck was I thinking, sort of actually believing he’d be absent from the upcoming team-up.

Check out the trailer after the jump, friends.

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Marvel’s ‘Defenders’ Come Together On ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Cover

entertainment weekly the defenders

Here’s a look at all of Marvel’s Defenders. Together. Truthfully being rude af and posting up on a fine citizen’s taxicab just so they can look bad ass. But hey, whatever. When you save NYC, you understandably grow a sense of entitlement.

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Elektra Will Be In ‘The Defenders’, Hopefully Surprising No One

elektra the defenders netflix

Elektra is going to be in The Defenders! This apparently is surprising some people, who thought she legitimately “died” in the second season of Daredevil. Nah! C’mon!

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Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ series for Netflix shooting later this year


Man, I ain’t even finished Daredevil S2 or Jessica Jones S1, and already that Defenders‘ release date is breathing down my neck.

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Monday Morning Commute: Stay on Target

After I punch out on December 23rd, I’m going to have the luxury of not returning to work for ten days. By my calculations, that’s nearly a week and a half. Do you know many comics will be read, movies watched, beers imbibed, and high-fives delivered in that time? Certainly enough to keep my face smile-plastered and spirit sky-bound.

Needless to say, I’m champing at the bit.

But alas, I must first survive a treacherous two-week stint of work. Additionally, these workweeks happen to fall on the end of the month, which is always the most hectic time around the `ole office. Tack on the various projects I’ve undertaken, and I’m bound to be one busy little prole-monkey rummaging about the engine room of Spaceship Earth’s compartment of Consumer-Cultures.

Fortunately, the Omnidimensional Creator has been kind enough to allow me to guide you through the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! Join me as I display the various bits of art and mind-rot I’ll be using to prevent a total mental meltdown. After you feast your eyes on what I’ll be entertaining myself with, hit up the comments section and share your ideas of a fun time.

Okay, hide the women and children — it’s time to summon the Entertainment Daemons!

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Marvel Set To Announce New ‘Defenders’ Comic At Comic-Con.

Marvel’s been dropping teasers images this week. The teasers which feature the outlines of the Red Hulk, Silver Surfer, Iron Fist, and Dr. Strange were all filled with words pertaining to the character and the tagline “It’s either in you or not”. Just what could that mean? Bleeding Cool has cracked the code.

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