THE WOZ was so good at ‘TETRIS’ that NINTENDO POWER banned his scores

The Woz.

The Woz, man. What a fucking life he’s led. I had no idea that on top of the whole co-founding the Apple Computer thing, he was also busy totally dominating the Tetris game. To the point where Nintendo Power banned his ass from their High Scores. Didn’t stop him though. Hell naw.

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GAME BOY has turned 25 f**king years old. I am decrepit.

Game Boy

YEAH OKAY SO OFFICIALLY IT WAS YESTERDAY when Game Boy turned 25 years-old. But we’re going to talk about it today. ‘Cause this is my virtual house. And on top of not wearing shoes, making it okay to pee in the sink, and insisting the running water is replaced with Diet Dew, a main rule of mine is we talk about shit when I want to. (Or I get around to it.) But yeah seriously fuck Game Boy has turned old as shit, marking me as older than shit.

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WATCH: MIT Wizards Hack Electrical Grid, Play TETRIS On A Building.

Oh, those wizards at MIT. You have to love them, for they can do things that simply make my ass ache. I spend my days jacking it and posting articles for you, my friends. They hack electrical grids and play Tetris on buildings.

Hit the jump to behold.

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