GAME BOY has turned 25 f**king years old. I am decrepit.

Game Boy

YEAH OKAY SO OFFICIALLY IT WAS YESTERDAY when Game Boy turned 25 years-old. But we’re going to talk about it today. ‘Cause this is my virtual house. And on top of not wearing shoes, making it okay to pee in the sink, and insisting the running water is replaced with Diet Dew, a main rule of mine is we talk about shit when I want to. (Or I get around to it.) But yeah seriously fuck Game Boy has turned old as shit, marking me as older than shit.


According to the latest official numbers, Nintendo has sold over 118.69 million units (including Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color) to date, along with 501.11 million pieces of software.

The original Game Boy came bundled with Tetris. It wasn’t the first portable gaming device on the market, but it is considered to be the first to gain mainstream appeal.

Nintendo would later release the Game Boy Advance in 2001, which would go on to sell over 81.5 million units worldwide. The company’s success in the portable market continues, as the original DS line has shifted over 153 million units, while 3DS sales currently stand at nearly 43 million systems. [Game Spot]

I say goddamn. Favorite game? Go! I’m yelling Bomberman, Wario Land, or the classic. Tetris.  You?