‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Promo Pic: Murdock Is Lent An Unsolicited Hand

Karate Time

Get it? Cause motherfucker is fighting The Hand! But he didn’t ask to fight The Hand! So they’re unsolicited! Rock and roll! Puns for days! Punch your Mom and kiss your high school crush! Let’s go bonkers celebrating the approach of the Man Without Eyesight’s second season.

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‘Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham’ dropping in September


The first issue of Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham (is that seriously the fucking name) will drop in September. The release will be the realization of that miraculous (HAHAHA) announcement back in September 2013 that the famed franchise would see its Gaiman-run completed.

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‘The Order: 1886’ Gameplay Video: Steampunk Shotgun Carnival Ride

New gameplay video for The Order: 1886 out of Sony Japan. It’s featuring the shotgun, which for many years was my favorite device for dealing polygonal destruction. It has been recently usurped by the silent sting, the BOW.

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‘Star Fox’ for the Wii U will be playable at E3 2015


Can I get a hell yeah?! Star Fox Wii U Edition Whirly Bird Ding Dong (my working title) will be premiering at this year’s E3. This excites the living shit out of me as a new, and fucking proud member of the Wii U community. Like, seriously. I’m turding everywhere as I type this.

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Cosplay: MORRIGAN from ‘DARKSTALKERS’ is always welcome for more again!


Morrigan! More again! How much do I hate myself, and these shitty headlines? So, so much! So much that the only solace I take in the midst of  the eternal suffering of my thick-skulled stupidity is gazing at cosplayers and making horrible puns.

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The HEART NEBULA beats with awesome. Take my puns into your soul!

The Heart Nebula. Photo by Terry Hancock.

It’s Monday. I pounded a good old liter of Pepsi Max on the way to work. The result is a collision between your eyes and my horrible puns. May they eviscerate the softer tissues of your meat sack, allowing my infection to spread. Oh yeah, this post is about space or something.

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Cosplay: ‘DIABLO III’ Demon Hunters Will Slay You. Wakka Wakka.

Look at these two fucking demon hunters from Diablo III. How bad ass are they? That depends. Depends on whether or not this jam was taken prior to Tuesday’s nerftastic patch.