DC wins the FINAL APPEAL in the case of SUPERMAN RIGHTS

Action Comics #1.

It appears that DC is inching closer (if they haven’t closed the case already) towards completely subsuming the Superman rights into their bulging corpus. Latest in a long line of appeals and whatever stuff has ruled in favor of The Man.

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Court ruling finds ‘SUPERMAN’ back in Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ greasy paws.

Fuck Warner Bros! As of right now, I am publicly rescinding the pitch I sent to them. You know, the pitch about the bi-polar kid so hopped up on caffeine he literally pierces time and space with one frothy piss. Once he clambers into the other dimension, he finds a pet unicorn who he falls in love with. After a prolonged courting process, they make love. The kid dies almost immediately. I rescind all of this, because Warner Bros. will just make like a zillion bucks off it and I’ll get nothing. Nothing!

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