Suda 51 brings the Peace


The upcoming Anime compilation Short Peace, featuring several directors- chief among them being Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo – is getting a video game spin-off/episode led by gaming’s favourite madman, Suda 51.

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Press Start: Suda Horny, Michael


The world of video games is an industry powered by the inane grins of fuckwitts flailing to Just Dance and the sweaty wank-palms of teens prestiging for the nineteenth time on Black Ops II. Occasionally though, this fecal assembly line spews out the odd gem, inspires the odd moment of creativity and even showcases some of the most inventive minds working today. I guess, on the whole, it isn’t quite so bad. Perhaps I should put my cynicism aside. “What’s that? Assassin’s Creed with pirates? You mean the only decent mechanic in the entire of Ass Creed III was simply to test the market for the next title?” Excuse me whilst I wretch over the starboard bow. No wonder I’m so cynical. Before I hurt someone, here’s a round-up of the less-shit things that happened in gaming this week.

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Press Start: Sub-Title Generator Ver. 2.0


Video games are great and all, I don’t want you to get me wrong, but sometimes you just have to disconnect, you know? Really take a look at your surroundings and the people closest to you: learn to appreciate the real things in your life.

Of course I’m kidding, we all know that other human beings are fuckers and that reality is a hugely overrated series of crushing failures and missed opportunities. Let’s get virtual.

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Review: Shadows of the Damned

As I write this review, my copy of Shadows of the Damned resides in the dark recesses of my local Game store’s used drawer. Appropriately, it’s been banished to its very own version of hell, not for its flaws, or for a lack of quality, simply because that was always its destiny: what it was designed for.

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Press Start!: That One About Snatch(er) and Leaking.

Press Start! Weekly Top 5 list chronicling the happenings in gaming in the past seven days.

The abridged week always leads to a certain funk that bookmarks both sides of it. You begin checking out prior to the Holiday, and the days that follow are (for most of us, I’d wager) a haze of recuperation, lament at the end of the Holiday, and an attempt to gain your footing again.

As such, the world of gaming news is either unremarkable, or I frankly didn’t give much of a shit. Too busy trying to burn off the impressive caloric excess while simultaneously polish off the remainder of flesh and sweets that populated my house.

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Shadows of the Damned Is Resident Evil + No More Heroes = Nergasm.

Jesus Christ. This shit came out of nowhere for me. Suda 51 (No More Heroes) and Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil 4, amongst 3,000 other things) are teaming-up to form the video game equivalent of the WWF’s Two Dudes With Attitudes. We’ll figure out who is Diesel and who is HBK later. Today at TGS they dropped the trailer for their game, Shadows of the Damned, which is amongst other things, fucking awesome, and ridiculous. Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

You’re welcome for the genital engorgement that follows.

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