‘Streets of Rage 4’ Reveal Trailer: The classic beat-’em-up returns and this fucking rules

Holy shit, dudes. Here’s a Streets of Rage 4 reveal trailer.

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OmegaPlays: Sonic Mania #4 – Dr. Robotnik is a lazy delegator

We fucking vanquished Sonic Mania! Or rather, I did. While Bateman prattled on about the explosiveness of his uncomfortably short, but thick quadriceps muscles. He’s been fucking freeloading for a while, and if he’s not going to pop off his shirt and flex for us, well. I’m beginning to wonder what his fucking worth is. None the less, here’s the grand finale of our playthrough. Up next, motherfuckers? Streets of Rage.

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Bucky and Captain America goin’ full ‘Streets of Rage’ on Iron Man’s ass

‘Streets of Rage’ and ‘Shenmue’ soundtracks are getting a vinyl release


Man. If I would be all over this shit if I was cool enough to have a fucking record player. Maybe when Mrs. Omega and I take the even more serious step (hundreds of thousands of dollars in-debt to “buy” a house), I’ll get into the vinyl game. Buy dope shit like this.

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Press Start: Digital Afterlife & Rebirth

Does anyone else regularly think about the intro sequence from Ghost In The Shell? I remember how amazing it was. I loved watching that shell being born: all dripping liquid and hydraulics. Birth without all the mess: I can dig it.

As I step out of the shower, I feel a similar kind of (re)birth and I’m ready to fill this pool up with enough gaming news to drown anyone foolish enough not to wear water wings. Get in.

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