VALVE and Xi3 officially announce the STEAM CONSOLE or whatever.

Out, out, out of the shadows! Valve and some company I haven’t heard of (but you may have because you’re not ignorant like me) Xi3 have announced the oft-rumored Steambox. I don’t think it’s actually called that. But let us hang onto that easy to remember moniker for now. Cyeah!

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Gabe Newell: Valve will release its own console-esque PC for living room.

Gabe Newell! Confirming what the lot of us already knew! Me! Reporting it days after it was first confirmed. Hey, whatever, bro.

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Rumor: APPLE Working On Games Console; VALVE Involved

We have reached the crossroads of Valve and Apple gaming console rumors. At this intersection, the two separate entities slam together, fusing into the monolithic Apple-Valve-Fucking-Console. A console made for fucking your entertainment center and forcing you to buy a larger one. You know, should it prove true.

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