‘Stardew Valley’ publisher teases their ‘Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter’ game with magical new image

stardew valley publisher harry potter magical

MAGICAL. NEW. IMAGE. A fucking fun pun to end all pun fun. Yee. Haw! I don’t know, I haven’t played Stardew Valley, but I want to. Probably never will, given the current climate of my gaming backlog and the geopolitical sphere. If North Korean nukes don’t prevent me, then having to play through all the titles moaning at me will.

But! This new teaser is cute.

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‘Stardew Valley’ Is Dropping On Consoles In December

stardew valley consoles

Stardew Valley hit the PC earlier this year, inviting many people to waste their time in a gorgeous Harvest Moon-esque world. Now starting in December, console owners will be able to ruin their lives too with this addictive simulator.

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Watch/Listen: Chocobo Theme performed in ‘Stardew Valley’ with drum and flute blocks

Stardew Valley seems like the kind of game that would consume my wife’s life, if it was out for iOS. I haven’t played, and I’m not sure I’d enjoy it, but I certainly respect it, and the community it has engendered. Here’s a member of the community throwing it back to the classic Chocobo Theme.

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