Watch: Deadpool explains why he won’t host ‘SNL’, spoofs Kanye’s Rant

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool aren’t going anywhere, despite the fact (or perhaps due to the fact) that the movie is already released, and making absurd amounts of ducats. The actor-character-actor-metameta has responded to an online petition asking the character-actor-character-metameta to host SNL, spoofing Kanye’s epic rant from last week.

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Monday Morning Commute: fast-food debauchery

fast-food debauchery

Aloha! Welcome to the Monday Morning Commute! What is it that I do here at the MMC? Well, first I gather up all of Spaceship OL’s passengers – nerd-culture slovens and amigos and infidels alike! Then, I show `em the various bits of art and trash and fast-food debauchery that I’ll be devourin’ during the course of the week. At this point, I deactivate the laser-shackles and let the wayfarers bludgeon one another with their prospective plans for destroying ennui and undermining workplace productivity.

It’s a thing of goddamn beauty.

C’mon, jump in and join the madness!

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Video: ‘AVENGERS’ spoof by Jeremy Renner on SNL is amusing. Yeah, amusing.

Here’s that sketch from SNL on Saturday featuring Renner and the cast spoofing the Avengers. You’ve probably already seen it. If you haven’t, if you’re that one guy or gal, enjoy.

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The Dude’s High 5s: Sketch Comedy Skits

Remember when sketch comedy was all the rage?  You don’t?  It wasn’t that long ago … ok, maybe it was the mid 90’s, but that’s what 15 years ago.  Fuck I’m old.  Well, today’s High 5 will be looking over some of my (and your) favorite skits from the various skit shows out there.

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Matt Damon: Master of the Cameo (Word Up!)

A cameo role is defined as “a minor part played by a prominent performer in a single scene of a motion picture or a television play.”   These brief, often uncredited appearances titilate the viewers, causing them to hop in their seats and shout, “Oh, I know him! He’s in this movie? Awesome! Thank the LAWD!”

Sure, cameo roles are often nothing more than cheap publicity stunts, but at their best they’re   jolly-good fun!

There is a debate to be had about who can claim the title of ultimate cameo-master. On the one hand, some might cite Alfred Hitchcock as classic cinema’s cameo-Jedi, as he inserted himself into thirty-nine of his movies. However, there’s something to be said for those actors who’ve racked up fewer cameos of higher quality. Perhaps quality should be given precedence over quantity.

Think of Walken in Pulp Fiction or NPH in the original Harold and Kumar flick.

When all’s been considered, one man stands above all others as the true master of the cameo: Matt Damon.

From his debut in 1988’s Mystic Pizza to his December 2011 appearance on SNL, Matt Damon charmed us with brevity. The dude knows how to hop onto our screens, put smiles on our faces, and then peace out. Matt Damon elevates the cameo from the depths cheap PR stunts to the highest echelons of art.

Don’t believe me? Hit the jump and check out the (hardly comprehensive) smattering of Damon-cameos!

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Video: Batman Lurks On Gordon In The Shower. And Bedroom.

Now that I think of it, Batman’s pretty douchey when it comes to his relationship with Gordon. Dude just disappears in the middle of a conversation. Assumptive ass, thinking Jimmy can’t add anything. Not to mention how weird it is, which is something that this SNL Digital Short picks up on. Good shit.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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