Kojima on how SOLID SNAKE got his name. Yeahokaykojima.

solid snake and shit

Hideo Kojima is many things. Fan of eye-rolling, bloated philosophical cut scenes. Master of the Metal Gear kingdom. Perpetual tease. But now! Now I say dare friends, he is a liar.

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KURT RUSSELL is in talks for ‘FAST AND FURIOUS 7.’ Snaketastic.

Kurt Russell.

There is a good chance that Kurt Russell is coming to Fast and Furious 7. Snake Plissken sharing the same screen as The Rock? I am unworthy. Is it too early to talk Oscar-winning? Best Movie of All Time? Juuussstt kidding. A bit.

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Snake Plissken x Fiona Staples = My find of the day.

This is an older jam (as noted by the date Staples herself dropped on the picture), but it is my first time coming across it.  Love it.

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