Image comics announces ‘THE FIELD’ from Ed Brisson and Simon Roy.

The Field.

After discovering his righteousness across the pages of Prophet, I’m pretty much ready to ride and die with Simon Roy. So when word comes that he’s teaming up with Ed Brisson for a mini-series after at Image…I’m both jacked. And pumped.

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Buy These Flippin Comics!!! (9.11.13) Die-Hard With A Vengeance

Buy These Flippin Comics!!! (9.11

One of the great things about comics is the medium’s penchant for reinterpretation and reinvention.  An endless catalogue of characters, fictitious and real, lie dormant in old books and film, waiting for another chance to tell their story.  Hit the jump and let’s discuss a few of those appearing in comics this week, and I PROMISE I won’t make another crappy Die Hard reference!

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When is ‘PROPHET’ too much ‘PROPHET’? Never.

Man, I got myself that throbbing tip for the Brandon Graham and company Prophet. Despite owning all the single-issues, I went and snagged myself the first collection. $10.00? All in one tidy place? Fuck bills, buy comics. Ripping open that Amazon box, I was all kid like and shit, as if I hadn’t read the series already. Fantastic.

Comics We’re Buying This Week: The Prophets Speak Of Infinite Boners

…Man, I fucking hate coming up with headlines sometimes. Funny books drop today, and we as comic book hounds zig and zag our asses to the Comic Farm to snag that which interests us. This column right here is intended to serve as the watering hole where we all share the wares we snagged. I can’t do this alone, people. What are you buying this week?

Not sure what’s dropping? Hit up ComicList.

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NO SERIOUSLY READ: ‘Prophet’ By Brandon Graham and Simon Roy.

[Caff note: Click to enlarge. I beg you.]

There’s two issues of a comic book out that if you’re into science-fiction, free-wheeling imaginations, and general cartwheeling insanity you need to check out. Brandon Graham and Simon Roy‘s soft relaunch of Prophet  starting with issue #21. I want to call it goddamn insane, but that downplays the thought put into it. The amount of unique inventiveness mixed with every riffing trope you’ve come to love through dystopian failed future narrative.

Just look at this panel from Prophet #21, and it isn’t half of the initial issue. The amount of dope thoughts put into the spine of the comic is ass-puckering. C’mon, I beg you. If this comic doesn’t get a fair run I’m aiming for you, brah and brahdette.

Comics We’re Buying This Week: Holy Sh*t, A Paul Pope Sighting!

The name is the game! Welcome to Comics We’re Buying This Week, the communal comic book welcome wagon where we all share the hotness we’re snagging from the funny book farm on a given Wednesday. Per usual: my taste is shite, and I’m always looking to broaden my horizons. Don’t know what’s dropping? Behold ComicList.

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