NO SERIOUSLY READ: ‘Prophet’ By Brandon Graham and Simon Roy.

[Caff note: Click to enlarge. I beg you.]

There’s two issues of a comic book out that if you’re into science-fiction, free-wheeling imaginations, and general cartwheeling insanity you need to check out. Brandon Graham and Simon Roy‘s soft relaunch of Prophet ┬ástarting with issue #21. I want to call it goddamn insane, but that downplays the thought put into it. The amount of unique inventiveness mixed with every riffing trope you’ve come to love through dystopian failed future narrative.

Just look at this panel from Prophet #21, and it isn’t half of the initial issue. The amount of dope thoughts put into the spine of the comic is ass-puckering. C’mon, I beg you. If this comic doesn’t get a fair run I’m aiming for you, brah and brahdette.