Rumor: Simon Kinberg Directing Next ‘X-Men’ Movie

simon kinberg x-men supernova directing

Simon Kinberg is probably directing the next X-Flick, X-Men: Supernova. Should this excite you, should you be excited that Bryan Singer isn’t directing it, remember. Kinberg fucking *wrote* X-Men: Apocalypse.

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‘Logan’s Run’ being turned into movie franchise because reasons

Logan's Run.

Weird. I recently saw Logan’s Run for the first time, and it was a pretty fantastic dose of hallucinatory mid-70s science-fiction. I enjoyed it! However, at no point did the movie scream either “mass market!” or “movie franchise!” to me. But, what the fuck do I know?

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New ‘Deadpool’ Details & Image: “Hard R” Rating and the Negasonic Teenage Warhead

I’m really fucking excited for Deadpool. Between the new images that have dropped, and the news that the movie is going to be a Hard R, everything seems to be shaping up fucking mint for the movie.

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‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ casts Sansa as Jean Grey, Sheridan as Cyclops, Shipp as Storm

Sophie Turner

OOPH. My pledge to not fucking tease bullshit in headlines was directly challenged by my desire to not sport enormous, unwieldy headlines. But hey I don’t proofread and I scream “STOP ENFORCING CULTURAL CAPITAL” when people talk about “spelling” something “correctly” so fucking fuck it! Oh yeah this isn’t about me. Storm, Cyclops, and Jean Grey have been cast in X-Men: Apocalypse.

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‘Star Wars’ Non-News Rumor: Simon Kinberg taking over writing first stand-alone

Star Wars Blooper Reel

YEAHH BOIII. A new week, a new batch of Star Wars non-news. Last week the Phat Web Pipes reported that Some Guy Whose Name I Forget was moving one from his writing duties on the franchise’s first stand-alone flick. Now comes word that Simon Kinberg is going to take the reins.

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Bryan Singer coming back for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, and laughing in my face

Bryan Singer.

I spent a considerable amount of time running up to Days of Future Past talking shit about the movie, and specifically about its director. So defenders of the movie from the jump, fart right in my mouth. I’ll let you. ‘Cause I enjoyed it. Ain’t too proud to admit it. And then take a victory lap with complimentary flick of my balls with your finger(s) of choice, as a means of celebrating Singer’s return of the next flick.

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Maybe: Fox looking to replace ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ director, script, cast. Five months before shooting.

Face Palm.

If this ain’t a mess for a Marvel flick happening outside of its Studios Umbrella. Word on the street (or at least the Internet street, which is rife with homeless people, semen-filled syringes, and speculation) is that Fox is actively looking to dump pretty much everything related to its Fantastic Four flick.

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FOX signs SIMON KINBERG to serve as the Kevin Fiege of their MARVEL MOVIE UNIVERSE

Simon Kinberg.

Television shows have showrunners. Now it seems that the bloated comic book universes that are slowly coming to encompass all of our cinematic pop culture (exaggeration) will all have their own steward. Fiege for Marvel (you could argue Whedon, but Fiege seems eternal), David S. Blowhard for DC, and now Simon Kinberg for Fox’s own Marvel line.

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Daily ‘Star Wars’ Rumor: Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg spin-offs, not VIII & IX.

Hey man, as The Fucking Force Turns. Another day, another batch of rumors. Now Lawrence “Empire Strikes Back’s Daddy” and Simon Kinberg may not be writing the second and third movies in the new trilogy. They could be writing…spin-offs? Starring Lando and Han as they ball out of control, snorting Jawa Dust and slapping dames on the buttocks.

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Rumor: ‘EMPIRE STRIKES BACK’ writer Lawrence Kasdan could script ‘EPISODE VIII & IX’?

Star Wars fans, go ahead and tug your bits to this rumor. It’s designed to titillate all your various nerd glands. There ain’t any shame, I promise. Draw the blinds, and get slushy in your pantaloons. Lawrence fucking Kasdan! Oh, and some other guy too.

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