PlayStation Worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida is stepping down. Man, Sony losing fucking everybody?

playstation worldwide shuhei yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida is stepping down from PlayStation Worldwide. And, the dude’s departure is just one of many over the last couple years. The exodus concerns me, especially since it’s coming right before the launch of the PS5. How about you?

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PlayStation 4 Remote Play coming to PC and Mac


Sony is bringing its PS4 Remote Play to PC and Mac. This is on the heels of Microsoft bringing XB1 streaming to Windows 10. Well played, Sony. Now can I get my PS3 backwards compatibility?

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Sony announces “PROJECT MORPHEUS” VR Headset.

Project Morpheus.

Sony has revealed their VR headset, dubbed “Project Morpheus.” Maybe I’m just old and showing my age, but I don’t really get up for this. If sitting in front of a video game isn’t already a Dystopia Made Real, completely detaching from others in your own house and rummaging around a virtual world seems a final consummation. On the other hand though, gimme the Black Sun from Snow Crash (my usual refrain).

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Sony Santa Monica Helping With ‘The Last Guardian’, Excitement Draining.

The Last Guardian. I’ve sweated the game for a while. Wanted it. Needed it. Then  Fumito Ueda left Sony and all of a sudden I began to despair. It wasn’t clear how this would affect the game’s progress. Now there’s news that other branches of Sony are being brought in to work on the game, and my asshole is puckering.

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