Cosplay: Wonder Woman is done (in)justice


Cause it’s the outfit from Injustice! Ha! Fuck me! Fuck the Gravitational Pull of unseen Cosmic Entities! But don’t say “fuck it” to this wonderful cosplay.

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Rad ZANGIEF ART drops the hammer. And sickle! puns!

The People’s Champion by Marcellus Barnes.

Just about the best fucking Zangief art you’re ever going to see. Behold! It’s “The People’s Champion” by Marcellus Barnes.

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Cosplay: FEMALE BARBARIAN from ‘DIABLO 3’ is more like Babe…barian or something.


Here is some stunning ass, mofuckin’ cosplay from Diablo 3 featuring a female barbarian. Hell yeah! What — you want more out of me? Ain’t my shitty puns and lack of actual wit enough to dissuade you? To the images! To the images.

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Cosplay: This RAIDEN is cyborgorgeous. Ha! Eat that pun!

Hunka hunka.

I’m just trolling you with puns now.

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Cosplay: DOUBLE CATWOMAN, what could it mean?! Latex euphoria, yo.

My Dark Knight…is rising! I know, terrible pun. Whatever. Leave me alone. It’s God-Damn Bat-Man week, and I can barely hold it together as-is.