Shigeru Miyamoto named “Person of Cultural Merit” by Japanese government which is a prestigious-as-fuck accomplishment

japanese government shigeru miyamoto

Man. Just think about Shigeru Miyamoto. The dude has given so many of us so much throughout the decades. And now? The Japanese government is recognizing Miyamoto for his contributions.

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Miyamoto Totally Teased New Mario Game With Shirt On Fallon

miyamoto teasing mario t-shirt

Shigeru Miyamoto wore a t-shirt on the Jimmy Fallon show this week, and it caught the attention of many. Could he, we speculated as the Internet Geeks, be teasing something? According to Nintendo of America’s senior product marketing, he was!

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Watch: Miyamoto Playing The ‘Super Mario Bros’ Theme With The Roots

Here’s Shigeru Miyamoto jamming the Super Mario Bros. theme with The Roots. Straight-up wonderful, man. And. Jesus Christ. Maybe it’s because I’m overtired, and it’s the end of the semester, and 2016 sucks, and 2017-whatever feels terrible, but the innocence and nostalgia of this almost moved me to tears. I need some rest.

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‘Pikmin 4’ is in development, and “very close to completion” according to Miyamoto

Miyamoto says LOL.

So Shigeru Miyamoto just dropped in an interview that Pikmin 4 is almost close to completion. Which was a surprise to Pretty Much Everyone, since no one even knew it was in development. Hey. Neat. Cool. But like, could we get that fucking Zelda that we were promised? Oh, no? It’s being totally pushed back slowly onto the next Nintendo system? Great.

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Watch: Shigeru Miyamoto explains design behind ‘Super Mario Bros.’ World 1-1. Also known as the most iconic level. Ever.

Goddamn! The mind behind the greatest level of all time takes is inside that Genius Dome-Piece to look at his design process. For, you know. The greatest level of all time.

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Report: Nintendo NX console release planned for July 2016

miyomtoz like

Well. I guess I’m feeling like a serious dummy for throwing down bucks on the Wii U last holiday season.

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E3 2014: ‘MARIO MAKER’ Trailer: Get your Miyamoto on

Mario Maker!

Mario Maker is a quirky little batch of interesting that Nintendo revealed to the Gaming Masses today. The title is going to empower all of our asses to go ahead and get our Level Designer on. It’s fun, but not for me. I can’t go thirty-seconds without succumbing to my ADHD. I typically snap out of the fugue state to find myself covered in peanut butter and tears, with the animals hissing at me from the corner.

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E3 2014: ‘STAR FOX’ flies again on the Wii U

new star fox

…and like waves upon rock, my strength to wait on buying a Wii U is eroding in the face of all these Nintendo reveals. ZeldaSuper Smash, and now Star Fox. Ya’ll fuckers, Nintendo.

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Miyamoto Says He’d Like To Make A Spirtual Sequel To A LINK TO THE PAST. Well Do It!

Shigeru Miyamoto hasn’t rocked out on Zelda game since 1991’s A Link To The Past, but the dude is jonesing now. Spitting some verbage (what?) with Edge Magazine, the Lord of Nintendo says he’s up for a spiritual sequel to the son of a bitch. In a certain capacity.

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Shigeru Miyamoto and Deadmau5 Straight Chillin’ Why? Cause They Can

Old. But awesome.