E3 2014: ‘STAR FOX’ flies again on the Wii U

new star fox

…and like waves upon rock, my strength to wait on buying a Wii U is eroding in the face of all these Nintendo reveals. ZeldaSuper Smash, and now Star Fox. Ya’ll fuckers, Nintendo.

Shigeru Miyamoto returns to starships and animal people for a new Wii U entry in Nintendo’s classic shooter series. Three levels were on hand in a small pre-E3 event hosted by Miyamoto himself, two in small arena style stages similar to those in Star Fox Commandand a third showing off the game’s new helicopter vehicle.While these levels demonstrated how classic Star Fox combat has been adapted for the unique two-screen set up offered by Wii U and its tablet controller, they’re far from representative of the full version of the game Nintendo plans to release in 2015. Even as a prototype, though, Star Fox demonstrates great potential.

Two of the modes available were close to identical. Fox and his pals Peppy, Falco, and Slippy pilot the series’ signature Arwing fighters into an enclosed valley where they freely fly about, fighting off tiny, red enemy ships and tanks. In control of Fox, you take in the action from two angles. On the television screen, you see a zoomed out view of the Arwing. Steering’s handled with the left analog stick, pulling off barrel rolls and u-turns with the right stick. Clicking in the stick will also transform the Arwing into its land-based tank form that first appeared in Star Fox 64. The TV view is essential for steering and orienting yourself on the battlefield, but as with past Star Fox games, doesn’t allow for pinpoint precision. [Read more at Joystiq]