‘Prey for the Gods’ Trailer: Stunning ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ homage

Geekcraft: Shadow of the Colossus x External Hard Drive = Amazing statue.

Goddamn people. Goddamn people being all more goddamn talented than me. Check out this son of a bitch rubbing his talent deep into the wounds in my soul. Their creation is a Shadow of the Colossus statue that doubles as an external hard drive.

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‘CHRONICLE’ Director Josh Trank Developing ‘SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS’ Movie; This Is Amazing.

Fucking radical. If done right, a Shadow of the Colossus  adaptation could be goddamn awesome.

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Press Start!: Fat Boys and Female Gamers.

We’ve got that post-E3 swerve going on, don’t we? This is Press Start!, the weekly gaming column. Being broadcasted out of my brainstem into a document, onto the satellite-netter-webs conduits for your unpleasant consumption.

What caught your eyes in the world of gaming this week? I am a free-flowing cavalcade of non-sense. My interests may not reflect your own. Hit me with your own list or findings or nuggets of glorious gleaming gaming developments.

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