Astronomers find radio signal so strong that it *may* be from aliens


Like, we all know this isn’t going to turn out to be aliens, right? And even if it were aliens, there’s no way the Trilateral Commission and Anti-Disclosure Bastards would let us know the signal was real, right? Let’s get excited anyways, though. For now.

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PAYPAL + SETI = creation of a SPACE BANK. No, srsly.

Space Tourism.

Ah, sometimes the future is so obviously emerging. Emergent. Both. PayPal and SETI have teamed up to create a nascent sort of space bank. They dare to dream of a world where us lead feet are off the Big Blue Marble. You know, spending Space Bux on hookers and spices on Ceres. They imagine this future, and whilst they do they also realize something. All of those transactions need a mechanism, and they want to provide it.

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“VULCAN” wins Pluto’s moon-naming poll. Plus! Three-headed dogs.

Vulcan in the house.

The Vulcans have won, folks. Led by Spock, they have claimed victory in the poll which was deciding the name of two of Pluto’s moons. Pretty gnarly.

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Astronomers want US to help name PLUTO’S NEW MOONS. Dewtopia INC.


G’damn! Pluto may not be a planet, but it has got itself some moons. Figure that shit out! Anyways, so yeah. Pluto has moons, and wonderful astronomers have invited us the mouth-breathing flesh masses to help name them.

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