Sam Humphries has signed exclusive Marvel contract

Sam Humphries.

I’m both happy and saddened by this news. Sam Humphries (Our Love Is Real) has gone Marvel-exclusive.

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CAPTAIN AMERICA becoming president of the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE. Sharks! Be jumped!

I love me some Sam Humphries. I love me some Ultimately Ultimate Ultimate Squad. I don’t know if I’m going to love them pitching Captain America as president to be, but I’m willing to give it a try. For Sammy. And his gorgeous afro. Plus his writing skills, there are always those. And the idea that the Ultimate universe plays for keeps, nephew! For keeps! I’m just rambling now.

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SAM HUMPHRIES taking over ‘UNCANNY X-FORCE’ with Ron Garney. IMU, Remender.

Goddamn. One of the painful points of Marvel NOW! is seeing all my beloved creators jettisoned from the titles that caused me to swoon for them in the first place. Latest casualty? Ricky Remender’s sweet departure from Uncanny X-Force. Eh, fuck it. At least it’s Sam fucking Humphries!

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Buy These F**king Comics! – May 8, 2012: Destroy The Earth, Touch The Animals.

The name is a command, but this jib-joint is a commune. We put on our comfy clothes. Right now I’m wearing sweatpants, black socks, a cheesy pop culture t-shirt. We sit in a circle. Capri Sun will be given to all. Then we talk about the comic books we’re buying this week. Sharing is caring. No belligerence, no snark. Rub my belly. It’s warm, isn’t it? That’s because it is powered by my love for you, my comic book brethren. If you can’t keep the PMA you’ll be jettisoned to the dungeon, to dick-wrestle labia monsters with teeth and ill intent.

Don’t know what comics are coming out? Here’s a list.

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Comics We’re Buying This Week: Event Books Ass Eating Contest

With a headline like that, I better buckle up. It’s that time of the year where the Funny Book Factories begin churning out stunning efforts in mediocrity, otherwise known as Events. Yes sir. Yes ma’am. This week the all ninety-three Avengers teams are going to be throwing down with all fourteen X-Men squads and the price will be paid by readers looking for something not refried and snot-covered. (I thought this was called Civil War?)

Eh! There’s dope books a’dropping this week too. Let’s focus on that. This is Comics We’re Buying This Week. The simplistically titled column where us worshippers of the paneled page can gather around and share the funny book loot we’re snagging this week.  Don’t know what’s coming out? Hit up ComicList.

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Sam Humphries To Co-Write ‘Ultimate Comics Ultimates’ With Hickman. Wuttt. Yeahhh!

Fucking shit, man. We should just call it Sam Humphries Wank Week here at OL. Dude is going cosmic-big on the blow-up scale. The latest news? He’s co-writing (and eventually ascending to single writer) Ultimate Comics Ultimates  with Jonathan Hickman. This should answer what happens when two of my favorites collide. This is Brubaker/Fraction on Iron Fist  levels of bonery.

Hit the jump for details and artwork.

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Sam Humphries Taking Comics To ‘Higher Earth’, Space Beastiality?

Sam Humphries has been on my radar since his one-off Our Love Is Real  was plugged by a wonderful OL regular. This may very well be the year the dude explodes onto the scene – fucking deservingly – with a myriad of projects. The latest announced is Higher Earth.

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