Run The Jewels announce their own strain of cannabis called ‘Ooh La La’ and I’ll never be sober again!

run the jewels cannabis ooh la la

Run The Jewels is dropping their own strain of cannabis named “Ooh La La”, a reference to a recent track of theirs. My oh my! If they ain’t ever daring me to stay high 24/7, as opposed to my usual habits. You know, 12/7.

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Monday Morning Commute: Dunkin’ On Life’s Responsibilities This Week


Man, I ain’t got nothing to do.

Wife’s home. Wood stove pumping a pleasant, hearty heat. Admittedly, an unobtrusive but steady current of holiday corpulence-fueled diarrhea getting me up off the couch. But as I said, unobtrusive. A marginal push, a half-hearted wipe, and I’m back on the couch. Lounging. Admittedly, stank ass’d.

But hey.

Man, I ain’t got nothing to do.

It’s that wonderful liminal state between Christmas and January 2nd. Where the entire world seems slumberous, if not not working.

So let’s spend the hour, the day, the week together. This is Monday Morning Commute! Where we share what we’re enjoying during a given week! So, hark! The Calories and Diarrhea Golems sing! What are you up to? Let’s hang.


Man, I ain’t got nothing to do.

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Weekend Open Bar: Go Van Gogh on a house rat!

one half of the great

It’s the freakin’ Weekend, baby! Halloween Weekend, to be exact! Slice your flesh-sack, provide the blood to the altar! Summon a wonderful fucking weekend for yourself, and the other denizens of the Perpetually Decaying Universe! Entropy! Ain’t nothing more fucking terrifying than that! But we’re here! We’re here, together! So let’s hang out at the Open Bar!

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Run The Jewels goes ‘Blade Runner’ for Fall Tour Poster.


This is, objectively, the dopest thing ever. It almost, *almost* makes up for the fact that they’re not coming to Boston for their Fall Tour.