Ron Howard reshot nearly all of the ‘Han Solo’ movie. So, here’s me giving no fucks about it

ron howard reshot han solo movie all of it

Man. There was trepidation in my balls when it was announced that Ron Howard was replacing Lord and Miller on the Han Solo movie. Now, I’m pretty much checked out on the entire fucking enterprise. I mean, Howard nearly reshot all of it? Here’s to overwhelming vanilla banality and weepy sentiment. His two favorites.

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‘Han Solo’ movie eyeing Ron Howard to replace Phil Lord and Chris Miller

han solo movie ron howard

Sure, whatever, okay.

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Aaron Paul meets with Ron Howard about ‘DARK TOWER’ role. Isthisgood?

Aaron Paul.

I haven’t read The Dark Tower series, but both Bateman and Rendar are pretty fucking enthusiastic about the series. This leaves me appreciative of the works, without really knowing their inner workings. So when I hear Aaron Paul is in talks to play someone in the TV-Movie-Twitter-Tumblr-Board Game adaptation, I don’t have much to offer. Cool? I mean, I like Paul.

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Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt isn’t rocking that laziness tip these days. Guardians of the GalaxyParks and Rec, a role in Her. Now the good sir who plays my spirit animal (Andy Dwyer) is going to be starring in the next Jurassic Park flick.

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Warner Bros. In Talks To Make ‘THE DARK TOWER’ Movie, Bardem Still Involved.

Warner Bros. is looking to get into The Dark Tower  game. That book series by that Stephen King guy, which has been pronounced as a multi-movie, multi-TV season extravaganza. It’s going to be such an amazing disaster, and dammit I want to see this monstrosity birthed to life.

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Ryan Gosling As Walt Disney in ‘WALT’? To Dream

[Via | By  Pascal Witaszek]

I’d see it. That in mind, I should also mention I’d see anything starring Gosling at this point.