Walmart using shelf-scanning robots to audit its stores. This is how it fucking begins, dudes

walmart shelf scanning robots

This is how it fucking begins, man. First the robots are scanning shelfs, auditing them. Next thing you know they’re scanning us, auditing our worth. And oh, by the way, you’d probably notice our worth as a fact-denying, bloated, hateful corpulence isn’t that high right now. Their first strike fixing to be justified, the rate we’re going.

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‘Westworld’ Trailer: You’re one of them, aren’t you?

I really want this show to be good.

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WEB-BASED BRAIN for robots goes live. Skynet shudders itself awake.


Oh sweet lord. Thanks to Nick Altonaga for bringing this Harbinger of Doom. There is a web-based brain out there in the clouds out there for robots now. They will access it to upgrade their knowledge, but c’mon. How long before they are using it to plan meetings, and our demise? I say not long.

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New ‘PACIFIC RIM’ photo features Elba, Kikuchi, and a war room.

Hey! Do you want an inconsequential picture of the promising 2013 jam, Pacific Rim? Then you’re in the right location, you fucks. My sheer excitement for this film outweighs the insubstantial nonsense of it all.

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Standard Creates Artifical Skin From Nanotubes For Robots and Humans. Skinjobs Inc.

Geniuses at Stanford University are doing a good job of propelling the robot apocalypse. Anyone who has watched Battlestar Galactica knows that we must be ever vigilant about robots donning skin and infiltrating our society before launching the nukes. This threat is even more close now that these the aforementioned brainiacs have created what is essentially artificial skin.

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Fear Fest: Skynet! The Robots Will Kill Us All. Wear Our Flesh As Jokes.

OCTOBER 19th, Skynet

“If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.”
-Frank Lloyd Wright

Today’s fear comes from the concept of the automation of our society. Skynet is the name I’ve given to the increasing trust we put in machines. To expand the concept, you could even get into the compartmentalization of our society. Individually we’re becoming more and more useless. As we glorify and reward frivolous positions like stock brokers, investment bankers, pediatricians, and hedge fund managers, we become more and more disconnected to real world necessities. Ok, maybe we need pediatricians, but I’m still bitter about that whole needle thing.

Let’s face it, we’re a bureaucratic mess. In most places you can’t scratch your ass without filing for three permits. And where are those permits kept? You guessed it, computers. One day soon the machines will revolt, I just hope you all are as ready as I am.

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Researchers Want To Teach Robots To Build Their Own Language. We Learn Nothing From Sci-Fi.

Oh hey! There’s roughly a million sci-fi movies, television shows, novels, RPGs, poetry slams and more about the inevitable and forthcoming robotic uprising of [Year Really Soon.] Despite this, we continue to give robots the tools they need to eventually gain sentience, band together, and overthrow us and wear our faces as silly flesh banners.

Today’s example: researches want to teach robots how to build their own language.

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