Researchers Want To Teach Robots To Build Their Own Language. We Learn Nothing From Sci-Fi.

Oh hey! There’s roughly a million sci-fi movies, television shows, novels, RPGs, poetry slams and more about the inevitable and forthcoming robotic uprising of [Year Really Soon.] Despite this, we continue to give robots the tools they need to eventually gain sentience, band together, and overthrow us and wear our faces as silly flesh banners.

Today’s example: researches want to teach robots how to build their own language.


The Lingodroid research project lets robots generate random sounds for the places they visit in both simulations and a real office. The “words” are shared and the robots play games to establish which sound represents which location. The lexicon has proved so sophisticated that it can be used to help robots find places other robots direct them to. The machines are being allowed to generate their own words because human language is so loaded with information that robots found it hard to understand, said project leader Dr Ruth Schulz from the University of Queensland.

“Robot-robot languages take the human out of the loop,” she said. “This is important because the robots demonstrate that they understand the meaning of the words they invent independent of humans.”

Fucking Dr Ruth Schulz, you’ve learned nothing! Nothing.