Apple orders comedy from ‘It’s Always Sunny’ stars Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day

apple comedy charlie day rob mcelhenney

Two of the men behind one of my favorite shows ever are creating a comedy for Apple. While this is pretty cool, it’s yet another fucking streaming service I’m going to have to get involved with.

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‘Minecraft’ movie being directed by Rob McElhenney (Mac from ‘Always Sunny’)


So, there’s going to be a Minecraft movie. Weird. And it’s being directed by Mac from Always Sunny. Double weird.

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Mac From ‘Always Sunny’ Puts On 50 Pounds, For The Show. Swoon.

Rob McElhenney plays Mac on Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Next season, McElhenney will be an amazing 50lbs heavier, the sole reason thinking that it would be hilarious to have the bodybuilding-obsessive Mac walk around as a fat ass.


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