Next ‘Resident Evil 7’ DLC Will Star Chris Redfield

resident evil 7 dlc chris redfield

Chris Redfield is going to star in the next Resident Evil 7 DLC. I don’t know how! ‘Cause I didn’t read the specifics! Cause! I haven’t come close to beating the game yet. But! Nice! However, I did cross my eyes and cut and paste the explanation, so it lies within. You’re welcome.

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Weekend Open Bar: Make A Wish (God Isn’t Listening)

weekend open bar

Good god damn, it’s the Weekend. Good god damn, I’m glad.

Can minimize the amount of time I’m stuffed into these ever-tightening pants, and maximize the amount of time I’m working towards further corpulence. It’s a merry sequence, a happied romance. I hope, oh I hope to do it with you folks. Here at the Weekend Open Bar. The weekly weekend invitation, nay, the weekly weekend invocation of the citizens of Space-Ship Omega. To gather around the digi-hearth and spend their weekend together. Sharing what we’re eating, sharing what we’re drinking, sharing what we’re reading. Sharing anything and everything! Drunken tales of anal gapes around Slurpee dispensers. Sober tales of contemplating. Anything and everything.

Good god damn, it’s the Weekend. Good god damn, I’m glad.

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Monday Morning Commute: The Next Four To Eight

the next four to eight

I’m fucking tired, man. Like — way tired. Like — eyelids half closed. But here I am! But here we are. This is Monday Morning Commute. The column where I share with you fellow rotting meat-sacks what I’m looking forward to each week. Furthermore, additionally, I then, with all my audacity, ask you to share what *you* anticipating across the next seven.

So! Without further ado, without further verbosity, without further self-indulgent blathering, let’s do this!

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‘Resident Evil 7’ Trailer: Surival Horror Comes To Bayou

I really want this game to be good.

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‘Resident Evil 7’ E3 2016 Trailer: Return of futzing survival horror, January 24, 2017