Next ‘Resident Evil 7’ DLC Will Star Chris Redfield

resident evil 7 dlc chris redfield

Chris Redfield is going to star in the next Resident Evil 7 DLC. I don’t know how! ‘Cause I didn’t read the specifics! Cause! I haven’t come close to beating the game yet. But! Nice! However, I did cross my eyes and cut and paste the explanation, so it lies within. You’re welcome.


Resident Evil 7 biohazard players will get to spend some time with a familiar face in the game’s next downloadable add-on. Chris Redfield, one of two playable main characters in the original Resident Evil and many of its sequels, will be featured in a new episode titled Not A Hero.

Not A Hero will be released for free sometime this spring, Capcom confirmed today. “Who or what is he chasing? Find out soon in this separate story,” Capcom teased in a tweet.

[Note: The following contains spoilers for Resident Evil 7.]

Resident Evil fans who finished Resident Evil 7 are well aware that Chris makes a cameo in that game, though his brief appearance was shrouded in mystery. In fact, when Chris shows up at the end of the game, he identifies himself simply as “Redfield.” Given the indication that it appears he’s working with the Umbrella Corporation, some players speculated that it wasn’t actually the Chris Redfield we’ve known for more than 20 years.

Response to Chris Redfield’s appearance in the DLC from Resident Evil fans has been mixed. The biggest point of contention appears to be his character design, with some fans sounding skeptical that it’s actually Chris. In their defense, he looks remarkably different in Resident Evil 7 than he did in Resident Evil 5 and 6, in which he was considerably beefier.

There’s also the matter of Chris’ association with Umbrella, which will presumably be explained in Not A Hero.

Current speculation is that Chris’ target in Not A Hero will be Lucas Baker, the most notable surviving member of the Baker family.