Monday Morning Commute: Check Out That Fucking Sunset!

monday morning commute check out that sunset

Oh, we in the fucking Teeth of it now, friends.

At least here in the Northeast, and other sundry places currently eating Winter’s Shit. The teeth, you ask?¬† The teeth, I shall explain. We have entered that interminable period after the holidays where it’s all snow, slush, and gloom. There are no holidays to look forward to. And while the days are getting longer once again, it’s hard to appreciate when it’s -13 with the fucking windchill.

Oh, we in the fucking Teeth of it now, friends.

But, at least we have our frivolities, right? And, isn’t that what Monday Morning Commute is all about? Sharing the frivolities we’re looking forward to on a given week, to get us through the grind?

It is, indeed!

I’ll go first.

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‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake Trailer: Return to Raccoon City, Jan. 25, 2019

First off, this looks fucking amazing. Second off, I like how hard Capcom is dunking on Square here. I mean, think about it. They have a release date for this fucking game, while Square hasn’t even shown FF7 remake footage yet.

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Capcom announces ‘Resident Evil 2’ remake is officially happening

Resident Evil 2.

Man. Remember when the beloved Japanese gaming companies from the halcyon days of gaming’s youth made wonderful titles? And didn’t just alternate between remaking those vaunted games, and pumping out crappy new installments in the franchises? I mean, I guess a part of me is excited that Capcom is remaking¬†Resident Evil 2. But a better chunk of my psyche is wishing they weren’t so fucking adrift that they could pull off an excellent¬†Resident Evil 7.

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