‘Remember Me’ developer creating digital, episodic game for Square Enix

Life is Strange

The minds behind Remember Me are once again teaming up with Square Enix. This time in the developer DONTNOD will be producing a wholly digital, episodic game called Life is Strange.

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Press Start: Dew n’ Dorito Nightmare

All week I’ve been vividly imagining the symbiotic relationship between Mountain Dew and Doritos whilst trying to figure out just how video games fit into it. Cross-promotion is a bizarre concept to me; I keep trying to see the links, the patterns and then I get scared and frustrated when it doesn’t all piece together. I’ve been having fevered nightmares about neon, corn-peppered shit slurry: really vivid, nasty stuff. I need to write this to exorcise them demons.

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‘STREET FIGHTER’ producer Yoshinori Ono helping with the combat in ‘REMEMBER ME’, hell yes.

As if I couldn’t get any more jazzed for Remember Me, the game is getting a titan to consult. Street Fighter producer and uber-legend Yoshinori Ono is helping with the combat system. Yus.

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Capcom and Dontnod’s ‘REMEMBER ME’ OFFICIAL TRAILER: Cyberpunk Inception Orgy.

Hell yeah! Capcom is teaming up with developer Dontnod to hang this fucking gem upside my head. Take a total nerd-spot milking cyberpunk environment, throw in some overwrought Inception pandering. Mix it with a gorgeous battle system and cover system. Watch Caff-Pow writhe.

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