Microsoft’s Project Scorpio specs coming Thursday, rumored name is “Xbox One X”

microsoft project scorpio thursday

On Thursday, we’re finally going to get them meaty Project Scorpio specs we’ve been hankering for. The reveal is coming courtesy of Digital Foundry and EuroGamer.

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Microsoft Revealing Its Xbox Project Scorpio On June 11

xbox project scorpio june 11

As someone who buys every new console, and is the contradiction of being both a console gamer and a graphics whore, I’m sweating this news.

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Sony reveals ‘PlayStation 4 Pro’ capable of 4K and HDR gaming; Microsoft responds that Scorpio’s power advantage will be “obvious”


Sony has revealed their PlayStation 4 Pro, after months of speculation. It’s a beefier, more powerful PS4. I’ve already pre-ordered mine. At the same time, Microsoft has already lobbed bombs at Sony’s next iteration, saying that the power advantage of the new XB1 iteration will be “obvious” — I will preorder that, as well.

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Microsoft claims “Project Scorpio” will have VR Exclusives; declares console generations dead


I’m selling my XB1. Do you want an XB1? ‘Cause I’m certainly going to be buying a Project Scorpio, and I’m certainly going to be playing any XB1 exclusives until then on my PC. That said, I’m buying Project Scorpio because I’m a Consumerist Whore, not because of any VR exclusives.

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Microsoft confirms its upgraded Xbox One, “Project Scorpio”, dropping Holiday 2017

project scorpio inc.

The Iterative Generation, baby! All the consoles, under the same umbrella, with varying degrees of power and style. Apple, eat your fucking heart out.

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