Report: The High-Powered PlayStation 4 will be revealed Sept. 7


I will buy this high-powered PS4. ‘Cause I’m a sucker. I will know what I’m buying next month, when Sony will reveal said high-powered PS4.

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Rumor: Next PlayStation and Xbox will be Backwards Compatible


I was already going to begrudgingly buy a PlayStation 4.5/PlayStation Neo/whatever you want to call it. But being a complete sucker, I’ll totally buy it, if Sony includes backwards compatibility in the motherfucker. Please! Sony! Please!

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Report: Sony’s ‘PlayStation 4.5’ to be announced before ‘PlayStation VR’ launch

PlayStation Mania.

Whelp. I hope you weren’t one of those beautiful people who expected the PlayStation 4k rumors to be bullshit. ‘Cause if anything, the pseudo-new-console is coming more and more into focus.

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Rumor: Sony working on “PlayStation 4.5”