Neill Blomkamp wants Peter Weller to reprise his role as ‘Robocop’ in the upcoming sequel. I’m even more sold on this shit, dudes

neill blomkamp peter weller robocop sequel

Yo, does it ever seem like Neill Blomkamp fucking gets it. I was already marginally excited about the director bringing to life a Robocop sequel. With the original writers. But, now? Dude wants to bring back the Robocop. Let’s get this shit done.

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ROBOCOP To Voice Batman In Animated ‘DARK KNIGHT RETURNS’; Fanboy Convergence

RoboCop is donning the goddamn cowl, in a manner of speaking. Peter Well, the one true Robotic Cop of my childhood, will be voicing the Bat in the upcoming Dark Knight Returns  animated adventure.

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Robocop Joins The Cast Of ‘Star Trek 2’. Fantastic.

Peter Weller, also known as goddamn Robocop, is joining the cast of Star Trek 2. Rejoice. Throw your robo-hands in the arm. Get the fives highing, and celebrate the idea that Detroit’s baddest (it was Detroit, right?) will be rocking out galactic style.

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