Monday Morning Commute: A CyberRot Celebration!


It’s 2016! And if I’m not mistaken, this is my first post of the NuYear. I’m just fucking lazy these days, man. Or perhaps I’m just more prone to spending whatever free time I can with my wife, friends, and family. So I took the weekend off! Sue me! But I’m here, now. In the NuYear, with the NuMe!

This is Monday Morning Commute. The weekly column where we all get together and share what we’re up to during a given week. The books we are reading, the movies we are watching, the food we are eating.

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Valve’s crazy Steambox controller is getting pretty vanilla

Steambox Controller

When Valve first revealed their controller for the Steam Hot Bot Your PC Games Console (and other sundry uses), it was a pretty fucking odd device. Such unconventional. Much out-of-box. But as time has progressed, the controller has become more and more homogenized into standard gaming fare. Case-in-point. The latest iteration of the fucker has gained a thumbstick.

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STEAM breaks record with 7 MILLION concurrent users. Many many peoples.

Gabe says yus.

Steam broke records like a motherfucker over Thanksgiving weekend. 7 million concurrent users. Gobbling up fucking outrageous deals, enjoying the freedom of their own personal computing devices. No console wars. No bullshit. I want to be there! I would be there. If I wasn’t a luddite who suffered from anxiety based on performance issues and changes in my (digital) environment (in so many aspects of my life). Even without me there though man, it seems the party is fucking hopping.

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Pow! Well here’s some salve to apply to my chaffed post-Mass Effect 3  gaming nipples. Not only is Diablo III  actually-maybe-potentially real, but it has a release date. Finally.

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‘Alan Wake’ For The PC Recoups Dev and Marketing Costs In Two Days. Hell Yeah.

I love me some Alan Wake, and I’m terribly stoked that new content is dropping tomorrow on Xbox Live in the form of  Alan Wake: American Nightmare. However, what I really, really, really fucking want is a proper sequel. I don’t know if we’ll get one, but Wake’s reception on the PC could be helping my cause.

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