STEAM breaks record with 7 MILLION concurrent users. Many many peoples.

Gabe says yus.

Steam broke records like a motherfucker over Thanksgiving weekend. 7 million concurrent users. Gobbling up fucking outrageous deals, enjoying the freedom of their own personal computing devices. No console wars. No bullshit. I want to be there! I would be there. If I wasn’t a luddite who suffered from anxiety based on performance issues and changes in my (digital) environment (in so many aspects of my life). Even without me there though man, it seems the party is fucking hopping.

There’s nothing like a Steam sale to remind us how not-dead or un-unwell PC gaming is. Just as it did this time last year, Steam’s holiday sale helped the Windows, Mac, and Linux client reach a new milestone: more than 7 million users logged in at the same time.

Last year’s milestone was 6 million, and our often unerring grasp of rudimentary math tells us that’s a rise of 1 million across the year. Bear in mind that’s concurrent users; the total number of registered Steam accounts surpassed 65 million at the end of October.

Speaking of Steam sales, there’s still time to pick up the weekend’s new deals, withdiscounts from upon high for the likes of Torchlight 2FezThe Wolf Among UsMetro: Last LightThe Witcher 2Amnesia: A Machine for PigsShadowrun Returns, and pa-lenty more.