‘Benedetta’ Trailer: Paul Verhoeven’s Next Movie Is An “Erotic Lesbian Nun Romance” And I’m in.

What the glorious fuck? Paul Verhoeven has a new movie titled Benedetta and it sounds absolutely bonkers. Like, a fucking erotic lesbian nun romance? Yup, I’m in bro. Completely in.

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The Dude’s High 5s: Favorite Movie Directors

I don’t have much much in the way of a preamble. There are some other directors out there that I am am loving, but need a bigger sample size. Joss Whedon, Duncan Jones, and Rian Johnson would fall into this category. Anyway, here are my favorite directors.

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Joel Kinnaman Says The New ‘ROBOCOP’ Will Be More Human. Cause We All Cyborgs Now!

Actor Joel Kinnaman has been cast as the lead in the RoboCop remake, and he’s been speaking out recently about the gig. Usually I wouldn’t really pay attention to this fuzz, but Kinnaman hit on a hot topic that I think may agitate some Nerd Asses.

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